Arcadia Makes a Difference

Arcadia Economics has dedicated the past decade to bringing awareness to the precious metals industry as a whole, particularly  the silver industry.  The Arcadia team has been on a mission to expose the manipulation, corruption, and outright fraud perpetrated by big financial institutions in order to suppress the price of silver.  

Throughout history, gold and silver have acted as money and therefore are a direct threat to the current dollar based fiat system.  The big banks and financial institutions are incentivised to suppress the true market value of silver because it is in their best interest to maximize their profits by continuing to prop up the dollar and thus their dollar denominated wealth.  Arcadia Economics is determined to expose this fraud in an effort to set the true price of silver free…to its actual market value.

How are we doing that you might ask?  Well, Arcadia Economics, led by Chris Marcus, has done everything from writing a book, to creating a successful YouTube channel, to filing whistleblower claims to the CFTC.  It is all laid out in full detail here. 

The Big Silver Short

The “Big Silver Short” is an eye opening book that teaches the reader all about the wonders and complexities of the silver market.  By chronicling a series of interviews with various industry experts, Chris carefully and concisely lays out the case for why silver is the most undervalued hard asset on the market.

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Petition Against JP Morgan

Based on the overwhelming evidence and even legal settlements against J.P. Morgan admitting to the spoofing of precious metals, Chris Marcus took it upon himself to create a petition.  The goal of which is to at the very least bar these criminals from continuing to trade gold and silver on the open market.

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Reported to CFTC

In the early part of 2021, Arcadia Economics founder Chris Marcus notified the CFTC on two separate occasions, to the silver market manipulation by filing formal CFTC whistleblower complaints.  These complaints largely centered around the events commonly known as the “Silver Squeeze” which took place earlier that year and how major financial institutions conspired to “tamp down” the rising price of silver.

View February 2021 Claim | View April 2021 Claim

Notified Government Officials

Part of Arcadia Economics’ mission has been to alert various government officials in at attempt to bring action against the financial institutions responsible for the manipulation of the silver market.  Over the years, Chris has taken upon himself to write letters to multiple elected, as well as appointed, government representatives in order to force those in charge of monitoring these fraudulent activities to account.   

Letter to Rostin Behnam | Letter to Maxine Waters | Letter to Donna Faulk-White

Gathered Evidence

Located on Arcadia Economics website is a page known as the “Evidence Room”.  This page contains legal files as well as contact information for government officials in order to allow any individual to reach out to them directly.

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Bart Chilton Interview

Chris Marcus conducted an in-depth interview with for CFTC Commissioner, Bart Chilton, just prior to his death.  During the course of the interview, former Commissioner Chilton discusses the role that JP Morgan played after the 2008 “Great Financial Crisis”.

View Full Interview | View Clip Discussing Silver Manipulation

Caught Rostin Red Handed

During an interview which took place as part of a virtual conference, CFTC Commissioner Rostin Benham admitted that the silver futures market was used to “tamp down” the price of silver.  This admission would have been buried in the annals of time, had it not been for Arcadia Economics discovering this interview and sharing it with the rest of the silver community.

View Tamp Down Admission Clip | Analysis of Goldman Sachs’ Involvement in the Tamp Down

Jeff Currie Slips

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Global Head of Commodities Research, Jeff Currie, admits that the silver market is “a lot larger” than equities.  An astonishing claim that had it not been for Arcadia Economics, may have gone largely unnoticed by the public. 

View Jeff Currie Admission  | Analysis of Jeff Curries’ Admission

#SilverSqueeze Coverage

Arcadia Economics extensively covered the “Silver Squeeze” which took place during the early part of 2021.  As this economic phenomenon unfolded Arcadia Economics was there to alert/educate the public to the rapidly changing events which took place.  This includes, but is not limited to, the LBMA’s acknowledgement of an accounting “error” in which they overcounted their silver supply by approximately 118 million ounces.

#Silversqueeze Coverage | LBMA Report | Arcadia’s Coverage of LBMA

The #silversqueeze is on: Silver, SLV, FIrst Majestic Soar
Arcadia Economics Silverfest 2021


Founded the largest, annual “Silver Centric” conference in the world known as “Silverfest”.  This week long virtual conference is composed of the leading silver experts celebrating everything that is silver.

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Promote Silver Transparency

Arcadia Economics founded the “Silver Industry Integrity Committee” which is focused on promoting a completely accountable and transparent free market within the silver industry.  The ultimate goal of this organization is to allow silver to be traded completely freely and without any manipulation by big financial institution. 

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CFTC Lawsuit Fundraiser

In an effort to force the stop the manipulation of the silver market, Arcadia Economics raised over $32,000 which was used towards a lawsuit against the CFTC.  This includes the acquisition of a 1,000 oz silver bar.

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