Andy Schectman: Why Silver Premiums Spike Higher

In the past few years since the pandemic lockdown, we’ve seen a handful of spikes in the premiums on silver (and gold) products. Where there’s been a shortage of availability in retail products, although not a shortage of the actual underlying commodities.

So in this week’s silver report with Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin, I ask him to explain what’s actually behind these premium spikes, and why he believes that we are going to continue to see more of them.

Andy talks about the issues that are converging on the US economy, and in particular the banking system. That has led so many into the precious metals in recent years and has driven the gold price again to the $2,000 level in recent weeks.

He also expresses his concerns about the banking system and the possibility of banking ‘bail-ins.’ Which he continues to believe are coming, and will be responsible for creating a new surge into gold and silver as investors and savers are forced to find a way to keep their assets safe.

So to find out more, as well as hear about the latest levels in gold and silver premiums, click to watch this video now!