Andy Schectman: Silver premiums remain low to start 2023

After seeing a shortage of #silver products and significantly increased premiums towards the end of 2022, the logjam has eased. As the premiums have come in to start 2023, while the delays in most silver products have subsided.

The holiday season has traditionally been a slower time in the physical retail silver market, and this past year was no exception. Which resulted in a softening of premiums and order flow over the final 5 weeks of 2022, that have allowed the dealer market to get caught up and see a normalization of conditions.

In this week’s physical silver report with Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin, Andy talks about how things evolved over recent weeks, as well as what happens on the dealer side when there’s an inventory shortage with high premiums, that come down before the dealers have received many of the products they’ve ordered.

He also shares what he’s expecting going into 2023, and comments on the first few days of activity in the new year.

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