Andy Schectman: Silver Hammered Again On COMEX Open In NY

Once again investors woke up to a lower silver price, as the market was hammered under heavy volume on the COMEX open in NY. Which is a pattern that’s become familiar in the silver market, where in recent weeks we’ve seen several substantial declines right as the COMEX opens.

It’s a trend which in many ways seems detached from the underlying fundamentals in the silver market, where we’ve seen declining inventories amidst a large market deficit, at the same time that the government deficit is set to grow at an even faster pace now that the debt ceiling has been removed until the beginning of 2025.

So in today’s show, we talk with Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin about the latest decline, and how investors are responding to the move. He also comments on the premium levels, the latest trends in the government fiscal position, and the order flow volume in the retail physical silver market.

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