Andy Schectman: Silver Eagle Premiums Tick Higher Again, ASE Margins Explained

There’s been a large drop in the American Silver Eagle premiums this year following last year’s spike that left eagles selling for over $16 above the spot price. Although the premium dropped significantly in recent months, that’s led to large demand at the lower price, and now the premium is rising slightly again.

And with the silver eagles being one of the most popular silver products, there have been a lot of questions about who is getting the bulk of the profit when the premiums are as high as they were a few months ago. So in today’s call, in addition to updating us on the latest movement in premiums, Andy Shectman of Miles Franklin explains how the silver eagle supply chain works, how premiums got as high as they did, and whether it was a matter of retail dealers ‘gouging’ their customers.

Andy also talks about a significant change in the CFTC’s COT report, which details the positioning of the larger trading groups in the COMEX futures market, and had some positive news in regards to whether the brunt of the selloff in the silver market has been completed for this round.

So to hear the latest information on the conditions in the physical silver market, click to watch this video now!