Andy Schectman: Silver Continues To Leave The COMEX

While the US political system reached a resolution to once again raise the debt ceiling last week, the unfortunate news going forward is that the deficit spending is now in place to increase at an even faster pace.

Because throughout all of the debate in regards to the debt ceiling, one question that was never addressed, is how the debt loads will ever be repaid. With the likely answer being that they never will, as it’s long ago passed the point of even being mathematically possible. Which is why so many continue to turn to gold and silver.

And at the same time, the debt loads continue out of control, perhaps it’s not a coincidence that the stockpile of silver on the COMEX continues to dwindle, and has now dropped below 28 million ounces. Keep in mind that there were 150 million ounces in the COMEX registered category as recently as 2021, before a steady and consistent drain has brought the inventory to a shockingly low level.

So in today’s show, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin talks about the latest news, the silver inventories, and the premium levels in the silver market. To find out more, click to watch the video now!