Andy Schectman: Gold Is Rising In Response To Fed’s Loss of Control

Throughout the past decade, gold and #silver investors adamantly warned about the problems being created in the financial markets due to the Federal Reserve’s 0% interest rate and quantitative easing policies. Suggesting that things would look Kosher in the markets while the easing was present, but to watch out if and when the stimulus was ever removed.

Well, fast forward to 2023 and we’re starting to see what all of the concern has been about. As rates on the longer end of the bond curve are beginning to rise quickly, losses are mounting, and even despite the higher rates, the gold price has still rallied.

Over the past decade there’s been a strong correlation between rates and the gold price, although that’s broken down over the past year, as despite the higher interest rates, concerns about the debt levels are now coming to the surface. As Washington continues to pile on debt in the face of higher interest rates, and the world has begun to notice.

Which has led to that diversion in the correlation between rates and the gold price, and an increase of speculation that the only way out of this might have to come from a revaluation of the gold price. Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin joins me on the show to discuss these latest developments in the bond, gold, and silver markets, and also provides the latest update in terms of premiums in silver.

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