Andy Schectman: Financial Chaos Fears Driving Investors to Silver

The concerns in the banking sector have received the majority of the financial markets’ attention in the past few weeks, with many investors and savers looking towards gold and silver has a safe haven for their money.

Although while that’s been happening, the trend of de-dollarization has also continued. Most notably with a recent meeting between Vladímir Putin and Xi Jinping suggesting that large changes are on the horizon. A trend that has not been widely covered in the western media, yet has been escalating, and threatens large changes to the current financial landscape.

And amidst all that’s going on, is the recent uptick in the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, where a large chunk of the last year’s quantitative tightening has been largely undone in a matter of just a few weeks. Further suggesting that the Fed’s ability to remove the excessive credit creation over the past few years is running into increasing trouble.

As a result, people continue to turn to the metals. And to find out more about what’s happening in the physical gold and silver markets, click to listen to this week’s report with Andy Schectman now!