Andy Schectman: De-dollarization Continues Amidst High Inflation

While the Fed continues to raise interest rates in the US as it hopes for a soft landing in the economy, the larger risks to the dollar system continue to emerge.

Countries around the globe continue to de-dollarize, with new nations joining the BRICS, and others making arrangements to conduct trade while no longer being tied to the dollar. Whether it’s a lack of trust in the safety of dollar-denominated assets that can be sanctioned by the US government, or concerns about the inflation that remains persistently high, countries like Saudi Arabia that used to be long-time allies of the US continue to partner with the eastern block.

So in today’s call, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin talks about some of the latest trends he’s been seeing, and why so many people are turning to gold and #silver in response to what’s happening. He also offers an update with the silver premiums and availability and talks about the latest customer order flow.

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