Andy Schectman, Bill Holter: Junk Silver Is Running Out

Amidst the most recent surge in physical gold and #silver buying, premiums have risen again, particularly on silver eagles and junk silver. And in this week’s physical silver report, we find out that the supply of junk silver has reached the point where it’s running out.

The junk silver market has always been unique, given that it’s made up of dimes and quarters that were minted in 1964 or before. Which of course means they simply aren’t being created anymore. And with the increased volume following the failures in the banking system, Bill Holter and Andy Schectman are reporting that the supply is now running out.

In the show, they talk about how it’s become impossible to fill a large order in junk silver, which is why the premiums have risen so substantially. They also talk about the conditions in the other silver products, and share why so many people are continuing to turn to gold and silver.

So to hear the latest update in regards to what’s happening in the physical level of the silver market, click to watch this video now!