Andy Schectman: Are Gold & Silver Likely To Be Confiscated

One of the primary advantages of holding physical gold and silver is that it allows you to be outside of the banking system and free from counter-party risk.

Almost entirely.

Except of course for the possibility of confiscation by the government.

Which is not often an overwhelming concern among gold and silver holders, although one that does exist, and does have some historical precedent.

So in today’s show, in addition to checking in on the premium levels of gold and silver, and talking about some of the recent developments in the market, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin also talks about the possibility of confiscation, and whether he sees that as likely.

He also talks about which types of gold or silver would be most vulnerable in the event that confiscation was attempted, as well as some other government mandates regarding gold and silver that precious metals are well served to keep in mind. Lastly, he answers some user questions that have come in, that touch on some of the various aspects of owning American silver eagles.

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