Alex Newman’s “Donald Trump Impeachment Trial 101”

If you’ve been hearing about the Donald Trump impeachment trial and have been inundated with the headlines, but are wondering what’s actually going on, then today’s episode is for you!

As Alex Newman, foreign correspondent for The New American was kind enough to join me on the show and separate fact from fiction.

He provides an overview of what’s really going on with the trial, what the Deep State is trying to slide in the back door while the circus keeps everyone distracted, and what to watch out for as the new election cycle kicks into high gear.

So if you’re looking for a concise explanation of what’s really happening behind the headlines, click to watch this interview with Alex Newman now!


To read Alex’s research with The New American go to:

To get Alex’s report on the benefits of homeschooling go to:

Interview by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics on January 30, 2020:


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