A Look Inside Fortuna Silver’s Séguéla Mine in Côte d’Ivoire

One of the biggest developments for Fortuna Silver this year has been achieving their first gold pour at their Séguéla Mine in Africa earlier this May.

That was the culmination of their deal to acquire Roxgold, which led to them building a mine at Séguéla, that’s now operational and producing #gold. That the mine construction came in on time and on budget in the midst of the inflationary environment the world has experienced during 2022 and 2023 is an impressive accomplishment and a testament to the management team at Fortuna.

Fortunately enough, they opened their operation to a group of mining analysts and media, and I was able to visit the Séguéla Mine earlier this month. It was an incredibly professionally run operation, that in addition to now producing gold, has also left Fortuna with significant exploration upside.

And while taking a tour of the mine, I was allowed to film some footage of the tour and a talk with the management team. So to get a look inside Fortuna’s Séguéla Mine, click to watch this video now!