Why Is The Stock Market Getting Rocked?

stock market

Last week the U.S. bond market got clobbered. This week it was the stock market’s turn. Which given what happened in the bond market is hardly surprising. Over the past decade we’ve seen the U.S. stock markets triple, primarily based on cheap Federal Reserve credit and unprecedented monetary easing. Now with rates going up that trend has reversed. In fact, when former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke launched his controversial […]

What’s Going On In The U.S. Stock and Bond Markets?

Last week the U.S. bond market tumbled. Now on Monday the stock market was down as much as 1500 points during the trading session. Given the historic bubble that has been inflated by the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented loose monetary policy, it was only a matter of time. And now as many in the markets are becoming concerned about rising interest rates, the fatal flaw of printing money is being revealed. […]