Amazon To Accept Bitcoin As Payment?


In recent weeks rumors have circulated that Bitcoin might be about to obtain one of its most high profile customers yet. The speculation has been that online retailer Amazon might begin accepting payment in Bitcoin. Which if true would be a significant step towards wider scale crypto adoption. It’s stunning to see a non-dollar denominated payment mechanism potentially being accepted by one of the more popular and commonly used retailers. […]

Bitcoin Soars To New All Time Highs


Last night the price of a Bitcoin soared to a new all time high of over $5,800. Given recent events, one can only wonder what’s coming next. Several weeks ago Bitcoin was on the cusp of $5,000. However the price tumbled following attempts by Chinese officials to shut down exchanges, and negative comments from JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon. Yet last night the price broke through the $5,000 level and […]

Time To Invest In Learning About Cryptos


Like many other silver investors, I continue to believe that at some point we will see an explosion in price that will leave most market watchers stunned. Perhaps something even similar to what we’ve witnessed in the crypto space this year. However the downside to silver is that it continues to be manipulated. So while a great case can be made that at some point it will almost have to […]

Bitcoin Rebounds Following China Crackdown

In the past month Bitcoin and the other cryptos have traded significantly lower based primarily on the Chinese government crackdown and comments from JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon. However prices have rebounded lately as “traders have now moved to buy and sell Bitcoin directly with each other on peer-to-peer marketplaces and messenger apps.” At the same time “market participants point to the limits Chinese regulators ultimately face in controlling the […]

Venezuela Using Cryptos Instead of Dollars

In the latest sign that the international world is growing tired of dollar hegemony, Venezuela has stopped accepting dollars for oil. Additionally, as the citizens continue to struggle under a failing monetary regime, the use of Crypto-currencies is continuing to grow. Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that the government has been telling oil traders to no longer receive or send payments in dollars, and instead has begun […]

Investor John Paulson Proposes Shareholder’s Gold Council

Recently billionaire investor John Paulson proposed the idea of a Shareholder Gold Council. While stating that “the days of CEOs getting rich while shareholders lose has got to end,” Paulson spoke about a council that would help shareholders keep management accountable. Certainly anything that promotes transparency and accountability in the financial industry, and especially the precious metals space is a good thing. It’s an industry that doesn’t always have the […]