Is China Walking Away From The U.S. Treasury Market?

federal reserve

The big story in the financial markets this week was news that China might be reducing or halting the amount of U.S. treasuries it buys going forward. It’s no secret that the financial condition of the U.S. government and U.S. dollar have seen better days. In the past 20 years the amount of debt used to finance the government has exploded, while the Federal Reserve has increased the money supply […]

Be Prepared For A Stunning 2018 In The Financial Markets

dollar collapse

If you thought 2017 was a wild year in the financial markets, just wait until you see what 2018 has in store. Based on everything I’m seeing, I expect continued implementation of the crypto system, along with rising prices. There’s even good reason to believe that we may finally see some action in the gold and silver markets this year as well. Why? More and more it appears as if […]

Bitcoin and the Cryptos – Time to Panic?!


Many crypto investors were startled to wake up this morning and find prices across the sector substantially lower. Some cryptos were down as much as 30% or more, and many investors were left feeling nervous watching prices so much lower. Yet given how there is not any particular breaking news that led to the move, this serves as a reminder that there’s going to be a lot of volatility. There […]

PetroYuan Contracts Tested In China As Move Away From Dollar Continues

As another week rolls off the calendar, the move away from the dollar continues to grow. While Bitcoin and the cryptos have remained the focus of the markets, China has recently begun testing its PetroYuan platform. And given how the Petrodollar has been such an integral part of the U.S. dollar reserve currency status, the news is a startling indicator that foreign trading partners are continuing to walk away. Why […]

Bitcoin Soars While JP Morgan Changes Its Tune

In the last few weeks, the pricing action in the cryptos has become somewhat manic. Yet while everyone is wondering whether Bitcoin is a bubble or not, it’s interesting to see that one of the more outspoken critics in J.P. Morgan has silently been changing its tune. Certainly speculative money has entered the market. Gone are the days where the price barely moves. Instead when investors are wondering if Bitcoin […]

Bankers Caught Bragging About Gold and Silver Manipulation

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There are some who dispute that the precious metals markets are being manipulated by a large “short” position. However it’s worth keeping in mind that in addition to all of the other evidence that’s been uncovered, Deutsche Bank actually got caught almost 2 years ago. One of the conditions of their settlement was the release of trader transcripts, which show bank traders from multiple firms bragging about committing felonies. Exhibit A: […]