Chris Marcus

I’ve certainly been blessed to have a fascinating financial career!

After graduating college my first job was at bond rating agency Moody’s.

Yes. The same folks who rated all of the sub-prime bonds with their highest Aaa rating, and ironically still rate U.S. debt similarly. To say the least it was an eye-opener.

After 2 years I left to attend Wharton, which also included a summer internship with Merrill Lynch. Which again has been fascinating in hindsight. Sitting on a trading desk in 2004 and seeing them sell any combination of mortgage products you could imagine, only to have it all take on a drastically different perspective years later.

However following Wharton I joined a small equity options trading firm called Susquehanna International Group (SIG). Which in hindsight turned out to be an incredibly fortunate break.

Unlike what I experienced in my brief time in banking culture, SIG had a unique training program that focused on decision making. In fact we were even required to log 100 hours of monitored poker playing, as SIG was a big proponent of poker being an excellent training tool for trading.

It was a critical part of my development. So years later when the housing bubble collapsed and I became more interested in understanding why, I was fortunate to have an incredible foundation.

Since then I’ve re-fallen in love with studying the financial markets and incorporating world events into successful trading. I’ve also felt a responsibility to pass along what I’ve discovered, so that as many people as possible can let the coming world events work to their advantage.

I appreciate you visiting this site and taking an interest in my research. Should you have any questions or comments I always look forward to hearing from you here.


Chris Marcus