A Fact Silver Bears Don’t Like Talking About

The past 6 years haven’t exactly been the easiest of times for silver investors.  For those who were astute enough to notice the explosion in the the money supply following the housing crisis, buying precious metals seemed like a great investment. Yet prices have declined from a peak of $49 in 2011 to as low as $15. However fast forward a few years later and thanks to the work of […]

Could Life After The Dollar Be Better Than We Think?

It’s not ideal that the dollar, the world’s reserve currency, has been turned into a Ponzi scheme that even Bernie Madoff once warned of. However while it’s easy to picture a collapse of the dollar leading to complete Armageddon, is that really what necessarily has to happen? As the stock, bond, and real estate bubbles that have been inflated since the last one crashed continue to grow, the concern that […]

Bitcoin vs. Silver – Round 1

With many believing that the dollar’s days are numbered, the first question that often comes to mind is what is the alternative. Precious metals and cryptos are 2 of the primary candidates, but which one to choose? There are ardent supporters of each, with pros and cons to either investment. Today we’ll consider a few of those, and as always allow you to decide what makes the most sense for […]

The Dollar Is Getting Pounded!

In the midst of massive stock, bond, and real estate bubbles, there’s often little headline mention of the price of the dollar. But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been getting pounded this year. With the stock market up over 10% on the year, many have been left with the impression that the economy is strong and all is well. But the dollar market tells a different story, as it […]

Home Sales Plummet In July

Interesting development in the housing market yesterday, as home sales declined 9.4% in July as compared to the June data. For those who subscribe to the view that we’re witnessing a housing bubble even bigger than the one we saw 10 years ago this comes as little surprise. However what’s interesting to think about is if we are finally nearing the point where the irrational exuberance is coming to an […]