Why Is The Stock Market Getting Rocked?

stock market

Last week the U.S. bond market got clobbered. This week it was the stock market’s turn. Which given what happened in the bond market is hardly surprising. Over the past decade we’ve seen the U.S. stock markets triple, primarily based on cheap Federal Reserve credit and unprecedented monetary easing. Now with rates going up that trend has reversed. In fact, when former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke launched his controversial […]

What’s Going On In The U.S. Stock and Bond Markets?

Last week the U.S. bond market tumbled. Now on Monday the stock market was down as much as 1500 points during the trading session. Given the historic bubble that has been inflated by the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented loose monetary policy, it was only a matter of time. And now as many in the markets are becoming concerned about rising interest rates, the fatal flaw of printing money is being revealed. […]

Are Crypto Prices Rising, Or Is It The Dollar That’s Collapsing?

While many are aware of the rising price of Bitcoin and the cryptos, few have noticed or mentioned an incredible development that has contributed to the move. Specifically, that while part of the price movement is due to the value of the cryptos, the skyrocketing prices are also a reflection of the accelerating decay of the U.S. dollar. Certainly growing awareness and adoption of crypto currencies and alt tokens has […]

Is The Deep State On The Run?

While we have heard for years, and in some cases even decades, that the U.S. dollar and bond market would one day face a day of reckoning, it continues to appear as if that moment has finally arrived. Whether it’s the Federal Reserve’s unprecedented balance sheet, the skyrocketing U.S. national debt, or the bubbles that have been inflated in the stock, bond, and real estate markets, the signs have been […]

Is China Walking Away From The U.S. Treasury Market?

federal reserve

The big story in the financial markets this week was news that China might be reducing or halting the amount of U.S. treasuries it buys going forward. It’s no secret that the financial condition of the U.S. government and U.S. dollar have seen better days. In the past 20 years the amount of debt used to finance the government has exploded, while the Federal Reserve has increased the money supply […]

A Fact Silver Bears Don’t Like Talking About

The past 6 years haven’t exactly been the easiest of times for silver investors.  For those who were astute enough to notice the explosion in the the money supply following the housing crisis, buying precious metals seemed like a great investment. Yet prices have declined from a peak of $49 in 2011 to as low as $15. However fast forward a few years later and thanks to the work of […]