Ted Butler Silver Price Update

If you have been following the silver market for any amount of time you’ve probably heard of Ted Butler. And if not you, will probably want to. Ted has been following the silver market for a few decades and is one of the leading experts on the manipulation. Perhaps even more importantly, Ted has spent his career sifting through the data beneath the surface that most people simply have no […]

Why Silver Over Gold?

For those who have come to accept that U.S. spending and money printing is out of control, precious metals like gold and silver can be a great investment. But which to choose. What’s the difference. And is one better than the other. Like most investment decisions that depends a lot on your situation and perspective on our future. But in today’s video I share some of the factors I considered, […]

Clif High’s Webbot Silver Price Prediction

You may have heard of Clif High and his webbot. If not, you’ll likely want to know about it. Clif is a brilliant guy who’s developed a fascinating algorithm that’s had wild success in forecasting some of this year’s Bitcoin price action. He also has some interesting forecasts in the silver market, and today’s video shares some of the background and why you will want to know what Clif has […]

Andrew Maguire Gold and Silver Price Update – Part 2

Here’s part 2 of our response to Andrew Maguire’s Recent King World News Interview. Andrew talks about how some sovereign size buyers are about to enter the market. And when you think about the fascinating dynamics in play at the moment it certainly makes sense that one of them would. Today’s video explores some of those dynamics, and why it would be logical to think someone could step forward and make […]

Andrew Maguire Gold and Silver Price Update – Part 1

We got an update from Andrew Maguire on Friday and it’s one you’re going to want to know about. He commented on his previous interview where he mentioned how he expects some large sovereign size gold orders entering the market. He also talks about what he sees going forward, and his degree of confidence in those opinions. In today’s video I share my reaction, and some thoughts of how to […]