The Real Secret To Investing Success


One of my favorite parts about trading and investing is that to do it successfully requires a collection of skills that truly challenge the mind and soul. Because in one sense, understanding the technical information and nuances of a trade are usually easy enough to do. For example, it doesn’t take an MBA or PhD to look at the financials of the U.S. government and realize the system is on […]

Be Prepared For A Stunning 2018 In The Financial Markets

dollar collapse

If you thought 2017 was a wild year in the financial markets, just wait until you see what 2018 has in store. Based on everything I’m seeing, I expect continued implementation of the crypto system, along with rising prices. There’s even good reason to believe that we may finally see some action in the gold and silver markets this year as well. Why? More and more it appears as if […]

Bankers Caught Bragging About Gold and Silver Manipulation

silver coin

There are some who dispute that the precious metals markets are being manipulated by a large “short” position. However it’s worth keeping in mind that in addition to all of the other evidence that’s been uncovered, Deutsche Bank actually got caught almost 2 years ago. One of the conditions of their settlement was the release of trader transcripts, which show bank traders from multiple firms bragging about committing felonies. Exhibit A: […]

A Fact Silver Bears Don’t Like Talking About

The past 6 years haven’t exactly been the easiest of times for silver investors.  For those who were astute enough to notice the explosion in the the money supply following the housing crisis, buying precious metals seemed like a great investment. Yet prices have declined from a peak of $49 in 2011 to as low as $15. However fast forward a few years later and thanks to the work of […]

Bitcoin vs. Silver – Round 1

With many believing that the dollar’s days are numbered, the first question that often comes to mind is what is the alternative. Precious metals and cryptos are 2 of the primary candidates, but which one to choose? There are ardent supporters of each, with pros and cons to either investment. Today we’ll consider a few of those, and as always allow you to decide what makes the most sense for […]

Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Price Update

In case you haven’t been watching closely, Bitcoin and the crypto currencies have been on the move again. After consolidating over the summer Bitcoin last week reached as high as $4962, while Litecoin basically doubled in the span of a week, going from $45 to $92. So why the big move now? Why do the cryptos continue to rise this year? There’s been amazingly little discussion of cryptos at all […]