How To Decide If Bitcoin Is A Bubble

One of the biggest stories in the financial markets in 2017 has been the skyrocketing price of crypto currency Bitcoin. Beginning the year right around the $1,000 mark, Bitcoin soared to $3000 earlier this year before pulling back. Now in the past few weeks bitcoin has gone from $1900 on July 16 to over $4300 per coin this morning, August 14, 2017. This is a stunning rise and level of […]

Clif High Webbot Silver and Bitcoin Update

Clif High was back at it this week with a new interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watch Dog. Clif has become an increasingly popular voice in the precious metals and crypto currency markets due to his interviews and Webbot program. The Webbot is a program he developed that scours the internet to collect data and human emotion and then makes forecasts based on what he finds. His track record in […]

Clif High’s Webbot Silver Price Prediction

You may have heard of Clif High and his webbot. If not, you’ll likely want to know about it. Clif is a brilliant guy who’s developed a fascinating algorithm that’s had wild success in forecasting some of this year’s Bitcoin price action. He also has some interesting forecasts in the silver market, and today’s video shares some of the background and why you will want to know what Clif has […]