Bitcoin Soars While JP Morgan Changes Its Tune

In the last few weeks, the pricing action in the cryptos has become somewhat manic. Yet while everyone is wondering whether Bitcoin is a bubble or not, it’s interesting to see that one of the more outspoken critics in J.P. Morgan has silently been changing its tune. Certainly speculative money has entered the market. Gone are the days where the price barely moves. Instead when investors are wondering if Bitcoin […]

Precious Metals Vs. Cryptos – Which Is Money?


Recently there’s been a lot of debate as to what’s more likely to take the role of money once the fiat paper currencies really begin to fracture. Will it be precious metals or cryptocurrencies? With the dollar and other paper currencies growing shakier by the day, debate about the next step has become intense within the alternative investment community. Long-time gold and silver bulls remain passionate and convinced about the […]

Time To Invest In Learning About Cryptos


Like many other silver investors, I continue to believe that at some point we will see an explosion in price that will leave most market watchers stunned. Perhaps something even similar to what we’ve witnessed in the crypto space this year. However the downside to silver is that it continues to be manipulated. So while a great case can be made that at some point it will almost have to […]

Bitcoin Rebounds Following China Crackdown

In the past month Bitcoin and the other cryptos have traded significantly lower based primarily on the Chinese government crackdown and comments from JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon. However prices have rebounded lately as “traders have now moved to buy and sell Bitcoin directly with each other on peer-to-peer marketplaces and messenger apps.” At the same time “market participants point to the limits Chinese regulators ultimately face in controlling the […]

Venezuela Using Cryptos Instead of Dollars

In the latest sign that the international world is growing tired of dollar hegemony, Venezuela has stopped accepting dollars for oil. Additionally, as the citizens continue to struggle under a failing monetary regime, the use of Crypto-currencies is continuing to grow. Earlier this week the Wall Street Journal reported that the government has been telling oil traders to no longer receive or send payments in dollars, and instead has begun […]

Bitcoin vs. Silver – Round 1

With many believing that the dollar’s days are numbered, the first question that often comes to mind is what is the alternative. Precious metals and cryptos are 2 of the primary candidates, but which one to choose? There are ardent supporters of each, with pros and cons to either investment. Today we’ll consider a few of those, and as always allow you to decide what makes the most sense for […]