Is The Petrodollar Being Replaced With The PetroYuan?!

What a wild week in the financial markets! The Saudi Arabian kingdom is being shaken up, more missing money comes to light, and the Clintons continue to find themselves getting caught up in some wildly stunning scandals. Pressure has been building on the dollar for decades. So on one hand the trend is hardly new. Yet seeing the events finally unfold is simply stunning. So if there’s ever been a […]

A Fact Silver Bears Don’t Like Talking About

The past 6 years haven’t exactly been the easiest of times for silver investors.  For those who were astute enough to notice the explosion in the the money supply following the housing crisis, buying precious metals seemed like a great investment. Yet prices have declined from a peak of $49 in 2011 to as low as $15. However fast forward a few years later and thanks to the work of […]

Precious Metals Vs. Cryptos – Which Is Money?


Recently there’s been a lot of debate as to what’s more likely to take the role of money once the fiat paper currencies really begin to fracture. Will it be precious metals or cryptocurrencies? With the dollar and other paper currencies growing shakier by the day, debate about the next step has become intense within the alternative investment community. Long-time gold and silver bulls remain passionate and convinced about the […]

Federal Reserve To Raise Interest Rates….Just Not Today….

federal reserve

The Federal Reserve had another meeting this week and said they still plan to raise interest rates. Although as is often the case, just not yet. Keep in mind that the last housing crisis started in 2007, a full decade ago. Yet despite unprecedented amounts of monetary stimulus the Fed has still only been able to raise short-term interest rates back up to 1%. Which would certainly make it plausible to […]

Amazon To Accept Bitcoin As Payment?


In recent weeks rumors have circulated that Bitcoin might be about to obtain one of its most high profile customers yet. The speculation has been that online retailer Amazon might begin accepting payment in Bitcoin. Which if true would be a significant step towards wider scale crypto adoption. It’s stunning to see a non-dollar denominated payment mechanism potentially being accepted by one of the more popular and commonly used retailers. […]